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Can’t stay away….

Ignorant 21 is up, and to quote the admin, Macca, it’s super ignorant!A lot of new music in it so should be perfect to end the summer with.


I kind of like to think of it as Ignorant: The Trippy Edition… enjoy


Also put together my next artist mix… should be up soon so be on the look for DJ ACE’s Swizz Beatz mix..

On to da next one



Ignorant 20!!! (and other stuff)

20 mixes.. damn.. It might not be that big of a deal but I feel like I accomplished something!


One thing about 20 is that it is nothing but hype all the way through it, hope you enjoy it really. When I look back on my older, older stuff I can hear the growth I have made as a DJ for clubbing and for making mixtapes. Because just because you do one decently doesn’t automatically translate into being able to do the other well.

In hip-hop news 2 Chainz dropped and DJ Khaled is coming next week. 2 Chainz’ album “Based on a T.R.U. Story” is fun album. In a way it reminds me of a modern Crunk (you know you are old when Crunk gets the adjective modern on front of it) album in the vein of Lil’ Jon heyday. It has a surprising range of songs on it as well with anthems like No Lie, and I love Dem Strippers, to the harder beats of Dope Peddler. It is one of the better solo albums I have heard in awhile.

DJ Khaled’s Kiss the Ring though is the album of the summer to me. Remember the days of No Limit and Master P when he would release those compilation albums like Down South Hustlaz and West Coast Bad Boyz? And it had all of your favorite rappers and a bunch of guys you didn’t care about? That’s pretty much how DJ Khaled’s albums have been. However, on his sixth studio album they have seemed to trim the fat a bit and just put the hottest of the hottest artists (minus Mack Maine who is like hot trash never good) on tracks made by the hottest producers in the game; basically they went the f%#k in.

Anyways get at Ignorant 20 and let me know how you feel!


Ignorant 19

Aiight Ignorant 19 is up and live… This is the summer anthem jams. I really like this for rolling to to beach or drinking at BBQ.. nothing that makes you want to throw a chair but good times!! Let me know how you feel..


Ludacris Mix

Ludacris Mix

[desc]So many rappers ride a beat like it’s got AIDS. Just reluctant as f**k to be anywhere near it, all over the place, barely fitting their bars in. Luda pulls out his d**k and finds every hole on that beat and f**ks it till it’s blind and broken. Dude can say the corniest s**t in the world and still sound like he’s putting on a rapping clinic. So move b*tch, and download this mix.[/desc]


Well crap, I am 35 lol… Couple things besides my birthday, of note this month, 2 Chainz and DJ Khaled’s new albums drop. Both seem to be posed to be the “summer album” my latest Ignorant mix features quite a few songs from each.. So be on the look out for Ignorant19 soon like..

Also should be seeing my take on Ludacris’ catalog soon as well..