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Method Man Mix

Method Man Mix
[desc]The number one example of a rapper who can rip a beat up and sound mean as hell while still sounding like he belongs on the radio and even your ugly ass moms will dig him. Some say he’s at his best with Redman at his side, judge for yourself with this mix[/desc]

Three 6 Mafia Mix

Three 6 Mafia Mix
[desc]Back in the day, rumors used to circulate that these dudes legit started riots in clubs with their tracks. Understand we are talking about straight up lets tear this sh*t down to it’s foundation riots. Not the kind of riots Drake tracks start where two girls throw their drinks at each other and cry in a corner. Warning: this mix may influence you to hijack a tank and drive through some motherf**kers living room.[/desc]

Back in the lab…

Well Gunplay dropped a mixtape, so that means I had to hit the lab and do Ignorant Mix 22. Outside of GP there is some other good stuff in there like Kirko Banks, and of course 2 Chainz. But also a few chops from my ninja E-40, especially the new track he did with Xzibit which knocks!


Again peep it and let me know how it treats you!



Checking in!

A couple of new mixes up here, one being Swizz Beatz! Swizz is a monster. If you have forgotten peep the mix and tell me honestly that it didn’t knock for the entire mix. It was real fun to put together.


But the other mix was a bit special to me. My Beats by Dr. Dre mix. Now don’t go in expecting every classic song from Chronic, 2001 and Em.. No, this is a collection of some of his lesser thought of stuff that still cranks and is hyped.. So enjoy and drop me a line



Dre Day

Dre Day

[desc]While some producers will give their beats out to any crackhead with a bag of weed (I’m looking at your DJ Premier) Dr.Dre has always been stingy as hell with his beats. But once in a while some dude will give him a bowflex and a set of weights and get a beat in return. This mix isn’t about the best of Dre you know, it’s the best of Dre that you might not. [/desc]

Swizz Beatz Mix

Swizz Beats Mix

[desc]By my estimation, the answer is 63. The question is how many d**ks does your mom eat every night? Oh wait my bad the question is how many charting singles has Swizz Beats produced? Love him or hate him, he’s one of the most successful producers in history.[/desc]