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Timbaland Mix

Timbaland Mix
[desc]Rumor has it Timbo used to get half a million for a beat. Meanwhile you casio keyboard muthaf**kas couldn’t get someone to pay you half a stick of gum and a herpes infested thong for one of your beats. There was a good reason for it, Timbaland knew how to match an artist with a distinct but unique sound that brought out the best in them. Aaliyah, Justin Timberlake, Missy, even Magoo aka discount Q-tip.[/desc]



Keeping it funky!

Well sh!t, been on the grind as always. Had to drop a couple of new Ignorant jams on y’all so hopefully y’all will enjoy that!

28 came from kinda an odd request of having a mix where they will want to fight right there on the spot with puppies and toddlers.. so I went to some of the crunk years to find some jams and mixed it with them trap ninjas.

29 is back on the new stuff! Bad Boy, Chief Keef and a touch of Wiz to name a few.

The Game album and Big Boi’s should be hitting the stores next and should be stellar! Big Boi seems to be back on his Outkast movement, while Game gathers talents from all over the world like DJ Khaled!

Also this month, Chief Keef and TI to end out the year.

Be on the look for a few new artist mixes from me as well.. I went back through the archives and blended up a Timbo mix, got some Dancehall on deck and of course a Game mix coming..

So stay tuned!!!