Busta Rhymes Mix

Busta Rhymes Mix
[desc]You aren’t a real member of the rap game until you’ve had Busta murder you on your on sh*t. This dude has been killing it since Wiz was crying into his mother’s titties asking her to “roll up” her shirt for another suckle. And over all those years he’s accumulated a catalog of tracks that would make even the most successful rappers jealous.[/desc]

One thought on “Busta Rhymes Mix

  1. Avatarmysticwhip

    This page still looks old, guess the update is still in progress and all.
    -macca, good job on the front page again. I was gonna ask if you were gonna include some sorta of slider to switch through the mixes featured on the front page but I didn’t have to!

    on the mix, what kinda say, it’s busta. Good shit all around. I had no idea he had so such nice production on his songs. It’s poppy almost but fucking nice.

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