Ignorant 20!!! (and other stuff)

20 mixes.. damn.. It might not be that big of a deal but I feel like I accomplished something!


One thing about 20 is that it is nothing but hype all the way through it, hope you enjoy it really. When I look back on my older, older stuff I can hear the growth I have made as a DJ for clubbing and for making mixtapes. Because just because you do one decently doesn’t automatically translate into being able to do the other well.

In hip-hop news 2 Chainz dropped and DJ Khaled is coming next week. 2 Chainz’ album “Based on a T.R.U. Story” is fun album. In a way it reminds me of a modern Crunk (you know you are old when Crunk gets the adjective modern on front of it) album in the vein of Lil’ Jon heyday. It has a surprising range of songs on it as well with anthems like No Lie, and I love Dem Strippers, to the harder beats of Dope Peddler. It is one of the better solo albums I have heard in awhile.

DJ Khaled’s Kiss the Ring though is the album of the summer to me. Remember the days of No Limit and Master P when he would release those compilation albums like Down South Hustlaz and West Coast Bad Boyz? And it had all of your favorite rappers and a bunch of guys you didn’t care about? That’s pretty much how DJ Khaled’s albums have been. However, on his sixth studio album they have seemed to trim the fat a bit and just put the hottest of the hottest artists (minus Mack Maine who is like hot trash never good) on tracks made by the hottest producers in the game; basically they went the f%#k in.

Anyways get at Ignorant 20 and let me know how you feel!


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