Jay-Z Mix

Jay-Z Mix
[desc]Regardless of how you feel about his music, you can’t deny the depth of the man’s catalog. 11 studio albums, 4 collaborative albums, 2 live albums, a soundtrack, 4 mixtapes and 6 compilations. All boiled down to the very best by Ace. He is the definition of success in the rap game, and for no other reason than that you have to respect him. Plus he isn’t going broke paying child support and alimony. Jigga won. [/desc]

3 thoughts on “Jay-Z Mix

  1. Avatarmysticwhip

    Decent mix, i think i went in with the wrong expectations. this is a success, fuck you i made it kind of mix. i think I realized that when you went from renegade into clique. liked that niggas in paris intro and the ending was nice, although kinda weird going from niggas in paris into hard knock.

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