LA Backpack Mix

LA Backpack Mix
[desc]It’s 1993 and Dre and Snoop have you convinced that there is nothing else to life than shooting people in the face and having sex with their still grieving widows. Then Tha Liks’ drop 21 and Over. It sounded like nothing else on the coast at the time. King Tee, Xzibit, Dilated Peoples and a handful more rounded out the movement that gave us a distinct blend between East Coast lyrical sensibilities and West Coast production vibe. [/desc]

4 thoughts on “LA Backpack Mix

  1. Avatarmysticwhip

    -consistent mix, a lil on the long side though. Most of it is unknown to me though but I can still bump me head to it. macca roll that new player out! i need to the names of some of these songs. especially the one around 13/14 minutes in.

    -new login system kind annoying but whatever.

    i guess ace loves west coast music.

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