My President is Black and my Lambo Blue

Well these last two weeks have been pretty nuts here. As you can see site admin Macca has really done a major upgrade to our humble little site and I think it is crazy hot! And today President Obama has been re-elected to office. BUT! The most amazing thing that happened in politics today was my home state of Washington legalized marijuana as recreational drug, almost enough to make a ninja move back.

As for music, there has been a few hot singles creeping out there which I scooped for my latest installment of Ignorant (no. 26 the my president is black edition) but I have also been getting it in with my artist mixes as well! Since my last post we got Bun B, Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes all who have just amazing catalogs of music and were just so fun to make.


Listen, enjoy, comment



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