Pop Mix 3

Pop Mix 3
[desc]Look, I feel you. I want to choke the life out of Will.I.Am with one of his $5000 dollar scarves or cravats or whatever the f**k this dude is wearing. But I can’t deny he makes a damn good track to have fun to. I want to deny it, I want to find a way to slip an angry badger into his fedora. But I can’t. Lets dance damnnit. [/desc]

4 thoughts on “Pop Mix 3

  1. Avatarmysticwhip(banned again)

    Glad I get to listen to this, Before the site redesign I couldn’t listen to it for some reason. Kind of wish the mixes had some sort of time bar or something but the Download option more than makes up for that.

    -Holy shit that ‘we found love’ segment is good

    -the ‘everything tonight’ to ‘starships’ transition was eeeh.

    -of course LMFAO to niggas in paris was aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooomgoooddhype. I had to get up and bust a few moves lol.

    -christ the transition from ‘niggas in paris’ to ‘lean wit it’ was good, i expected the transition at the end but the song was perfect’

    -black and yellow remix to all i do is win made me smile.

    -I keptexpecting to hear ‘balling’ ,’marvin gaye and chardonnay’ but they never came. A big boi song would have fit but I guess he’s not really pop.

    -I’m playing through GTA SA for the first time so the Snoop song really resonated with me.

    -god i used to love hotel.

    reall liked the mix.
    Now time for me to do a bitch move. I was banned last night for posting a link to a stream of GTTV for people outside of the U.S. I never knew this was bannable, I thought it was moderated the same way as leaked albums or people watching tv shows when they miss the priginal airing. It’s not like GTTV comes out on DVD or some shit or is streamed officially online. Is the support neogaf email working because I think it’s a kind of bullshit ban. sorry for bringing this shit to your personal site.

  2. Avataradmin Post author

    Yea, sorry the player was busted for a bit.

    A time bar will definitely be added in the near future, so look for that. Probably in the next week or so.

    1. Avataradmin Post author

      I’m Macca, I post in GAF Hop once in awhile. I’m pretty much building the site, Ace is making the mixes. Probably should change my name from admin haha.

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