Pop Mix 4

Pop Mix 4

[desc]Look, I ain’t really much of a Big Sean fan. He has his moments, but dude looks like Fabolous with AIDS and raps like he’d rather be somewhereelse. But When ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS comes on in the club, you better believe my drunk ass is doing the goddamn running man. Because that’s what a club environment does, makes you want to stop giving a damn and just have fun.[/desc]

4 thoughts on “Pop Mix 4

  1. Avatarmysticwhip(permabanned)

    pretty good mix but I gotta say it’s the worst one I’ve listened to on this site. from 1-34 minutes there were some good selections followed by some songs that just killed the mood. from around 35 minutes in it got pretty good, especially 35-47. and the ending was relaxing. good shit overall. If i had to rate it I guess it’d be a 6.5/7.0 mostly because of the beginning.

    nice job on the site mecca. it’s come a long way.

    Ace, you should make a dancehall mix.

    1. BlackaceBlackace

      Hey Mystic thanks for listening and thanks for the feedback…

      Yeah the “poppy” mixes can be a very delicate balancing act because it really only takes a couple of songs that don’t fit to ruin the party mood..

      Thanks for the feedback good and bad! I am always willing to grow!


  2. Avatarmysticwhip(permabanned)

    glitch- even thought the entire mix is loaded, sometimes I can’t move the time circle thing on the player, it behaves like it’s static and i just move a transparent pic of the player.

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