Pop Mix 5

Pop Mix 5
[desc]While you’re over there looking hard in the corner, I’ll be over here dry humping the s**t our of your girl. Cause I’m drunk, and this music makes me wan’t to dance. And I’m not an insecure b***h ass dude who can’t have some fun when that poppy rap comes on. Your girl smells like fish sauce by the way.[/desc]

One thought on “Pop Mix 5

  1. Avatarmysticwhip

    oooohhhhhhh fuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkk, lmfao/flo rida into i don’t like was the smoothest shit ever. definitely downloading this for my daily commute.

    I think this is your peak with the pop mixes. Consistent and it just got better as it was going, fuck. I’m surprised the dubste didn’t fuck it all up. and I still have 10 minutes left!
    Macca, front page and the player is niiiiiiiiiiiiiiicce. If the entire was somehow done in that style it’d remind of The Verge.

    *listens more*
    -hears don’t like into mercy.
    *gets up and starts dancing all over the place*

    I don’t want to say this as I’ve yet to listen to all your mixes(jay mix and ignant 25 are next) but the last songs(18-22) make this your best ending segment of all the mixes I’ve listened to.

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